Sustainable Approach - white standard size flowers
We take every effort to make sustainable choices. We go by the rule of local, first.  British Columbia has an incredible capability to produce amazing flowers. While there are a few things that we can't get here yet, we are committed to a local first approach and are working every day to expand our network of local farmers and increase our local offerings.  This means more than 88% of the flowers we use are grown locally. This allows us to have a very small carbon footprint. Many shops toss out a whopping 35% of their flowers each week. We have a less than 3% toss away rate. No flower gets left behind!


Garden Bouquet

Picture Perfect -

We have all been there. You order flowers for your mom, friend, dog whatever and you get a disappointing underwhelming version of what you thought you ordered. This is so common when ordering flowers online. So often the place you order from is not who fills your order which means no quality  control.  To combat rampant “floral order disappointment dis-order,” we email you a photo of the beautiful bouquet being sent out on your behalf. No disappointment included. 




Luxury Artistic Design-Flower Bouquet

 We are anything but cookie cutter designers here at Bespoke Blossoms. Our talented designers are given creative license to create unique floral masterpieces in every arrangement we send out. We use the best of the best blooms for every bouquet.  How Bespoke Blossoms Bouquets work, we have shaken things up around here and we hope you love our bouquets as much as we do!   You choose your size and what the occasion is and we create the rest! This way every bouquet is made with our customer in mind. Our massive Bespoke Bouquets are show-stoppers every time!